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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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10:30 AM
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Jon Burr
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Dear Prospective Donor!

I've been involved with Big Bands for a long time, as a musician, composer and arranger.

Lately, I've been writing a lot of music for big band, and have also become a member of the BMI Jazz Composers workshop, where I've had the chance to meet some of New York's most exciting young composers and hear some of their work.

 I'm asking you to join me in the creation of a new institution that will present this wonderful new music to audiences and create work for musicians.

 Your donation connects you to the project, with backstage access to rehearsals and unreleased material including recordings and video.

Your funding enables us to pay rehearsal and venue fees, musician stipends, and sound and video recording fees to enable us to publicize and grow as an institution, and release recordings to the public.

A big band concert series can be an expensive enterprise, but the music is well worth it. No musical experience can surpass the sound of a large live ensemble playing great music!

The Jon Burr Big Band seeks to raise $10,000 to obtain work-for-hire releases in order to issue a recording made from our successful debut concert on January 8, 2013 at the Baha'i Center in New York City.

Our further objective is to create an ongoing series featuring exciting new work created by New York's community of composers working in Jazz. As a member of the BMI Jazz Composer's Workshop, Jon has been inspired to attempt to create an opportunity to build exposure for some of this interesting new music.

Our aspirational goal is to raise $50,000 to record in a studio environment, and promote the work of the band in local and national media, including social media, print and radio.

Please join our team! Let's make great music together!

Ensemble Name
Jon Burr Big Band
Reeds: Jerry Dodgion, Marc Phaneuf, Tim Armacost, Andy Farber, Roger Rosenberg Trumpets: Greg Ruvolo, Joe Giorgianni, Chris Pasin, Brandon Lee Trombones: Nate Mayland, Matt Haviland, Joe Shaefer, Joe Randazzo Guitar: Vic Juris Piano: Mike Eckroth Bass: Evan Gregor Drums: Steve Johns
Speakers / Participants
Jon Burr
Jon Burr

New York, NY