Le Salon de Musiques - March Concert

Sunday, March 10, 2013

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$65.00 per person
 $45.00 for students
There is a 10% discount if tickets are purchased for three or more concerts
www.leSalondeMusiques.com or (310) 498-0257

4:00 PM
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Angeles Concerts Artists
Event Type
Early Music
Event Contact
Francois Chouchan

The sixth concert of Le Salon de Musiques’ 3rd season on March 10 will feature Ravel’s Piano Trio in A minor, Debussy’s Cello Sonata in D minor and Violin Sonata in G minor. The concert will be introduced by musicologist Julius Reder Carlson and performed by Phillip Levy on Violin, Andrew Shulman on Cello and Rina Dokshistky on Piano. The performance will be followed by an informal conversation between the musicians and the audience while sipping French Champagne and enjoying a gourmet buffet prepared by Patina.

Ensemble Name
Le Salon de Musiques
Phillip Levy, Andrew Shulman, Rina Dokshitsky
Speakers / Participants
Musicologist, Julius Reder Carlson
Ravel and Debussy

DEBUSSY (1862-1918)
DEBUSSY: Cello Sonata in D minor
DEBUSSY: Violin Sonata in G minor
The Claude Debussy violin and cello Sonatas are part of his last works. Both were composed under the combined duress of the first World War and the cancer that was killing him. As Debussy was really depressed he was unable to compose at all for a while. These two beautiful pieces are inspired by the clarity and restraint of the 18th century French composers Rameau and Couperin.  

RAVEL (1875-1937)  
RAVEL: Piano Trio in A minor    
Like Debussy and because of the first World War, initial progress on the Maurice Ravel Trio was really slow. Written in the French Basque commune of Saint Jean De Luz, Ravel felt a deep identification with his basque heritage. During his Trio's composition he was also working on his piano concerto. His inspiration came from a wide variety of sources from Basque dances to Malaysian poetry.

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion - 5th Floor Banquet Room
135 North Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA