Left of Center Concert Series: Miss Kelley's Reduction

Friday, March 16, 2012

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 $15 adults /$10 kids/$25 family (2-4 people)

A family-friendly concert series for ages 3 and up. 

Net proceeds benefit music classes for Horizons at BFS program (enrichment program for public school students).

7:00 PM
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Brooklyn Friends School
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Jessica Jones

Tony Jones Trio
Tony Jones, sax
Charlie Burnham, violin
Peter Apfelbaum, percussion

and Miss Kelley’s Migration
Jessica Jones, tenor saxophone
Mark Taylor, french horn
Tony Jones, tenor saxophone
Charlie Burnham, violin

7pm meet the artists! 
7:30 concert $15 adults /$10 kids/$25 family (2-4 people)A family-friendly concert series for ages 3 and up. 

Real music, cause we think you can handle it.

Creative Jazz with a chance to dig in and experience what it’s all about. With the whole family! 
Net proceeds benefit music classes for Horizons at BFS program.




Ensemble Name
Tony Jones Trio/Miss Kelley's Redemption
Tony Jones Trio: Tony Jones - tenor sax/Charles Burnham - violin/Peter Apfelbaum - percussion
Speakers / Participants
Miss Kelley's Contention: Jessica Jones - tenor sax/Mark Taylor - french horn/Tony Jones - tenor sax/Charles Burnham - violin


Tony Jones Trio is a  celebrated improvisational ensemble that recently released an LP, "Pitch, Rhythm and Consciousness" on New Artists Records.
Tony Jones - tenor sax/Charles Burnham - violin/Peter Apfelbaum - percussion

The album grew out of Jones and Burnham’s longstanding interest in playing together. After several months of regular Sunday music hangs Jones “noticed that Charlie had all these bells and things lying around,” he recalls. “We decided to record some and play over them, and see how it sounded, and of course it sounded great. We both came up with adding percussion to the mix.” 

 They spent months experimenting with the bells, developing melodic lines that seemed to radiate from the sustained vibrations. Their ears gradually became acutely attuned to the different frequencies depending upon the settings.

“It’s like the depth of the listening and the vibrations change from moment to moment and place to place,” Jones says. “I’d go to Charlie’s and it would be one way, and over here it was another way, and in the studio another way. The same notes but they sounded totally different, depending upon the day and time and space.

Miss Kelley's Perception is an improvising jazz quartet consisting of french horn, violin, and two tenor saxophones.This group grew organically out of jam sessions held at Brooklyn Friends School, where members would bring their own original compositions. The unusual instrumentation and simpatico styles inspired these musicians to begin composing and arranging their music for the unique instrumentation. With ample improvising and sonic exploration, the varied background the four musicians bring makes for sparkling soundscapes. Blues, avant garde, straight ahead - it's all in one pot, being stirred by some quirky chefs. "It's exciting to write for and play with this group," says Jessica Jones, one of the two tenor sax players, "because I know that I can leave big blank spots in the music and they will be filled in wondrous ways by these deft musicians." When asked to elaborate on the experience of playing with the group, Charlie Burnham writes "...deep in thought....," which you can take as you will. This will be a great sonic experience. 

And yes, the name of the group changes often.

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