Lyric Fury at Lake George Festival

Sunday, September 17, 2017

1:00 PM
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Jazz On the Lake
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LYRIC FURY is the opening act for this excellent jazz festival on Lake George. "The Lake George Arts Project consistently presents a diverse mix of performances at Shepard Park amazing fall jazz festival – artists are always of the highest quality.As the longtime curator of the free Jazz at the Lake festival, Paul Pines has taken great pains to make this weekend as far from the “standard jazz festival” experience as possible, and part of that is avoiding the kind of lightweight, commercial fare that’s come to dominate your typical mega-festival. Unlike the bookers for those shows, Pines assumes his audience is of more than average intelligence, so he books bands that don’t insult that intelligence.”

Ensemble Name
Lyric Fury
Cynthia Hilts - composer/piano/voice, Jack Walrath - trumpet, Lisa Parrott - soprano and bari sax, Lily White - tenor and alto sax, Deborah Weisz - trombone, Leigh Stuart - cello, Ratzo Harris - bass, and Scott Neumann - drums
Cynthia Hilts

Jazz At The Lake
Shepard Park
Lake George, NY