Saturday, May 04, 2013

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7:00 PM
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Vivre Musicale
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Wrought with controversy and angst, SEXUALITY will examine the role of sex, gender roles, and a woman’s right to her body in the 21st century and reflect on the transformation and perhaps progression/regression of these topics over time, using the works of homosexual composers, female composers, composers who treat the female condition in a provocative way, or some combination thereof.

This concert will also, through exploratory reimagining of traditional works and performance practices, turn the conventional on its head and take a pointed and glaring look at our present reality and the question of its validity in the face of progress and a greater level of social acceptance. With the implied warfare between the religious right and the liberal leftist agendas, SEXUALITY will confront, head-on, the narrow border that lies between the two halves and examine how acceptance and mutual respect may be the road to peace.

Miami, FL