World Premiere of Li's "Tell" for solo saxophone

Sunday, March 11, 2018

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free admission

9:00 AM
Presented By
Jessica Maxfield
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New Music
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NASA 2018 Biennial Conference (North American Saxophone Alliance)
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Jessica Maxfield
Yuan-Chen Li

The new piece is inspired by American Native Indian’s tradition (particularly Cherokee) that story and tune are passed down from one to another — they are not only the storytellers, but also flutists who play beautiful melodies and sometimes emulate birdsong. Some of the stories and tunes may not be, however, meant to be shared. The number of the heard stories might be greater than what he or she can tell. It is a tell that was never heard of, or unspeakable. What is it? In this piece, you would hear music with innovative techniques inspired by the Cherokee’s traditional flute and Paiwanese double-tone nose flute, and composer’s research with the collaborator saxophonist Jessica Maxfield. Continuing Li’s signature lyricism, new techniques such as “slap-tongue kiss,” “muffled sprechstimme,” and "double tones" are used to broaden saxophone performance practice, uncovering the social issues of the natives, an unfortunate commonality shared between the U.S.A. and composers’ home country Taiwan. 

Cincinnati University - College Conservatory of Music, Werner Recital Hall
290 45221, CCM Blvd,
Cincinnati, OH