World Premiere of new Montage Commission

Saturday, September 23, 2017

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3:00 PM
Presented By
Montage Music Society
Event Type
New Music
Event Contact
Debra Ayers, Pianist & Director

Montage Music Society will present the world premiere of a new work by composer Ofer Ben-Amots based on visual art of Santa Fe/Chicago artist Bebe Krimmer. 2 performances will be presented on September 23 (sold out) and 24 in Montage's Altazano Salon Series in Santa Fe, NM. The work was commissioned by Greg DePrince. Scored for clarinet (or alto sax), violin, cello and piano, "Montage Music" will be part of a two-part documentary on creating music based on visual art.

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Ensemble Name
Montage Music Society
Keith Lemmons, clarinet/sax; Ruxandra Marquardt, violin; Sally Guenther, cello; Debra Ayers, piano
Speakers / Participants
Composer Ofer Ben-Amots
Ofer Ben-Amots

Ofer Ben-Amots                           Bulgariana

                                                  For Violin, Piano


Ingrid St√∂tzl                                 Loveliness Extreme   

                                                  For A-Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello


Bruce Wolosoff                             for April**     

                                                  For Cello, Piano


David Biedenbender                       Red Vesper** 

                                                  For Bb-Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello


Michael Gilbertson                        Fold by Fold**

                                                  For Violin, Cello, Piano


Ofer Ben-Amots                           Montage Music,**

                                                  Inspired by Bebe Krimmer artwork

Commissioned by Greg DePrince for Montage Music Society

World Premiere


**music based on visual art

Altazano Salon
Santa Fe, NM