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delsolquartet News


On Oct 8, 2016 we asked the question "What's Your Story" to the students and adults at the Richmond Art Center, with cellist Kathryn Bates who was dressed in part of Rick's Halloween costume - an eagle mask.  Artwork by Hung Liu, music by Lembit Beecher, Gabriela Lena Frank, and Huang Ruo


On Oct 22, 2016 - we finished our residency at the Richmond Art Center with "How did you make that?".  Nothing like performing (with audience help!) Steve Reich's Pendulum Music.  Also music by Bach, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Ben Johnston, and Anthony Braxton.  That's an earful to then make art to!


Our first part of our CMA residency at the Richmond Art Center was "Why Patterns?"  The kids were inspired by music of Terry Riley, DBR, and Ruth Crawford and went on to make fabulous art.


Gearing up for our fall season - especially excited to begin our residency at the Richmond Art Center  at the end of September, thanks to CMA! 


The Del Sol Quartet is honored to receive the 2016 CMA Residency Grant.  The quartet will partner with the Richmond Art Center in its 80th anniversary to bring programs exploring connections between music and the process of making visual art to students of diverse racial and economic backgrounds.