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David Manson

620 31st St. N.
Saint Petersburg, FL, 33713
(727) 341-4363
Fax Number
(727) 341-4744

Additional Info
Year Founded
Jazz, New Music, World Music
Number of Events Per Year
Number of Venues

EMIT is a presenter of innovative music and music education projects, based in Florida. For the past nineteen years (over 300 concerts and activities) the EMIT series has presented adventurous music - that is - diverse, often noncommercial programming including new classical, modern jazz, international, modern dance, interactive electronics, improvisation, spoken word and interdisciplinary art forms that incorporate sound. Emerging arts, innovation and virtuosity are important defining elements of the EMIT series. EMIT also supports local ensembles including the Helios Jazz Orchestra and Brazilian group O Som Do Jazz in selected concert activities. EMIT also works with the Boys & Girls Club providing recording workshops for students.



The 2/27/15 performance of John Hollenbeck and the Claudia Quintet +1, is presented by EMIT. The Florida tour is supported by Presenter Consortium for Jazz,  a program of Chamber Music America funded through the generosity of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.