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Get Classical

Ilona Oltuski

500 East 83rd St #16B
New York, NY, 10028

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Classical, Jazz, New Music
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The GetClassical series aims to bring classical music into the new York night life scene, reinvigorating a long-lost art and ambiance that’s returning as a part of our zeitgeist. Featuring vigilantly curated guest artists, GetClassical aims to bring new and avid classical consumers together in a salon-like setting, away from the traditional concert venue. It hopes to create a unique atmosphere nurtured by great music that inspires the best in us. GetClassical concert series takes its name from Ilona Oltuski's music blog, priding itself on sharing and peering into the inner world of the artist and the developing trends within the world of classical music.


October 5, 2014
12:00 AM
Zinc Bar
New York, NY



In addition to GetClassical's music salon events at different hotspots throughout the city, including Rose Bar and India House, GetClassical is excited to announce that we are curating a monthly classical music series at Zinc Bar, which we hope will continue to further classical music's presence, within today's nightlife scene.


GetClassical is happy to announce its foundation as a LLC. Thanks to fiscal sponsorship, GetClassical is now also able to forward non-for-profit tax deductions to is sponsors!