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Mr. Kevin James

139 Payson Ave. #2G
New York, NY, 10034
(917) 509-2580

Additional Info
Classical, Jazz, New Music
Trombone, Other

Winner of numerous high profile awards and noted for his extremely broad stylistic palette, Kevin James is a fixture of the New York music scene. His catalog includes an array of works for chamber ensembles, orchestra, chorus, and children's chorus, as well as multimedia productions, song cycles, and chamber opera. Scores are available through Boosey and Hawkes, Wehr's Music House Publishers, and the composer.



The New York Times included Kevin James's Vanishing Languages Project among its BEST OF 2013!


Check out the recent New York TImes review of Kevin's Vanishing Languages project!


Here's the link to the NewMusicBox feature on Kevin's "100 Waltzes for John Cage" performed at the DiMenna Center in New York in August of 2012.