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Ms. Laura Leon
Professional Musician

327 Central Park W., Apt. 9C
New York, NY, 10025
(646) 398-8975

Additional Info
New Music, Classical

Laura has been broadening the spectrum of American music, bringing composers and their works to audiences beyond concerts via film, recordings and events. Including Broken Tail Productions’ films featuring her recordings of works by Leo Kraft and Steven Rosenhaus; her soundtrack performances in the Emmy-award winning documentary “A Hidden Life”; Peter Schickele’s 75th Birthday Concert; the live multimedia work Found in Nature by Leo Kraft with photographer Barry Rosenthal’s Photobotanicus; Hugo Weisgall's The Golden Peacock with soprano Ena Freeman at the ASJM Music In Our Time; Heifer's International Bee Day featuring works by Schickele, Ewazen, Bartok, Martinu, Isham; and Sting’s “The Secret Marriage” recorded with cellist Dorothy Lawson.



Peter Schickele received the Classical Recording Foundation's 2013 Composer of the Year Award at its 12th Annual Awards Gala on 11/25/13 at Carnegie's Weill Recital Hall. Performed in his honor and with him in his four-hand "Little Suite for Summer."



Photographer Barry Rosenthal featured in 6/20/14 NYT's "Garbage In, Art Out." In 2008, Barry, I, and composer Leo Kraft premiered "Found in Nature: Music Visualizing a Photographer’s Compositions" at my American Images from the Piano: Neo-Classic to Nature. 


In My Own Lifetime from The Rothschilds, by the Bock-Harnick Fiddler on the Roof team, seen in the PBS film Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy, is one of the instrumental settings of songs on Blessings of Beauty. Flutist Amy Ziegelbaum & pianist Laura Leon. New art design celebrates 14 years!