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Lydian String Quartet

Ensemble Members
Daniel Stepner, Violin
Judith Eissenberg, Violin
Mary Ruth Ray, Viola
Joshua Gordon, Cello
Sonia Oram

Waltham, MA

Additional Info
Year Founded
Classical, New Music, World Music

A winner of the Naumburg Award for chamber music, the Lydian String Quartet has demonstrated “a precision and involvement marking them as among the world's best quartets” (Chicago Sun-Times). In residence at Brandeis University since their formation in 1980, the Lydians offer compelling, superbly integrated, and elegant performances of the quartet literature spanning two and a half centuries. The Lydians have created intriguing, multi-year projects including “Vienna and the String Quartet,” “American Originals,” “Around the World in a String Quartet,” and “A Celebration of Jewish Culture.”