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Noteworthy Sheet Music, LLC

Carol A. Vater

Noteworthy Sheet Music, LLC
16 Atherton Street
Somerville, MA, 02143



Written in 1902 for violin (or cello) and piano, popular and often adapted for other instruments, Max Reger’s “Romanze” in G major is a lovely addition to Noteworthy Sheet Music’s collection of tasteful transcriptions for alto flute and piano.


NSM’s transcription of Dvořák’s “Sonatina”, Op. 100, for A-clarinet is sure to please.  This truly delightful piece, written for violin and piano and dedicated to the composer’s own children, now can be enjoyed by clarinetists as well. 


PHB: “Jules Herman's ‘Grands Duos Concertants’ are works of ingenuity, charm, brilliance, grace, and humor… extraordinarily fine examples of concert-worthy duets of the late 19th century.” A re-notated edition of Duo 2 is now available from NSM.