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Ensemble Members
Curtis Stewart, Violin
Jannina Norpoth, Violin
NIck Revel, Viola
Amanda Gookin, Cello

471A MacDonough St
New York, NY, 11233
(212) 333-5200

Additional Info
Year Founded
Classical, Jazz, New Music
Concert Artists Guild

Formed in 2010, PUBLIQuartet injects fresh perspective into the world of Classical music. They were selected as the New Music/New Places Ensemble and were awarded the Sylvia Ann Hewlett Adventurous Artist Prize at the 2013 Concert Artists Guild Competition. With a collective background in classical, jazz, and electro acoustic performance, PQ presents rare music from the classical repertoire, as well as contemporary compositions and open-form improvisations that explore and expand the stylistic norms of the traditional string quartet.Their concert series, MIND|THE|GAP, explores ways to connect old and new music by bridging musical content through improvisation. Other current projects include their Emerging Composers Program: PUBIQ Access.



PUBLIQ Access is a program designed to highlight today's emerging composers. PQ will host the event in the Spring at the Dimenna Center in NYC and a panel discussion with notable new music performers and composers. This year: Laura Kaminsky, Mark Steinberg, David Bowlin, and Nadia Sirota!


We have fantastic news! The results from the 2013 Concert Artists Guild Competition are in! CAG has invited us to join their roster as the New Music/New Places Ensemble and we were awarded with the Sylvia Ann Hewlett Adventurous Artist Prize! We are so thrilled to join the CAG family!