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Quintet of the Americas

Ensemble Members
Karla Moe, flute, piccolo, alto flute
Matt Sullivan, oboe, English horn
Paul Won Jin Cho, clarinet, bass clarinet
Barbara Oldham, horn
Gina Cuffari, bassoon
Barbara Oldham

116 St. Marks Ave.
Brooklyn, NY, 11217
(718) 230-5189

Additional Info
Year Founded
New Music, World Music
Ensemble in
Steinhardt School at New York University

Currently in residence in the Department of Music and Performing Arts in the Steinhardt School at New York University. CMA/ASCAP Adventurous Programming Award recipient, with programs including electronic music, Sephardic music, Native American music,jazz-influenced, women composers, African Diaspora, traditional, folk, and new music from Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, etc. Collaborations with orchestras, pianists, singers, and other ensembles. Extensive outreach and residencies. International and national tours. Commissioning and recording. Eight CDs: Karel Husa; Villa-Lobos; contemporary music; Colombian dances; Brazilian and familiar American works. Multiple recipients of CMA Residency Partnership Program Grants.



Quintet of the Americas is delighted to welcome our new clarinetist Paul Won Jin Cho. Paul is an alumnus of Carnegie Hall's Ensemble ACJW and has performed throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the US. He plays in NYC with Decoda, Ensemble 212, and Le Train Bleu, as well as in the Broadway musical Les Misérables.



Quintet of the Americas is thrilled to be a recipient of this year's CMA Residency Grant. The Quintet will be in residence in the Rockaways in Queens, NY. Collaborators include Rockaway Artists Alliance, Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, Beacon Rehab Center, P.S. 114 Belle Harbor School and the West End Temple.