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Rob Ryndak Ensemble

Ensemble Members
Rob Ryndak, piano, composer & artistic director leading
a collective of Chicago-based jazz and world musicians, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums & Latin percussion and others as driven by repertoire

Homewood, IL, 60430
(708) 957-8679

Additional Info
Jazz, New Music, World Music
Large Ensemble
Green Room Artist Development, LLC / BOOKING AGENT: Dow Artists, Inc.

With the Ryndak Ensemble, composer and pianist Rob Ryndak brings together a varying collective of stellar musicians such as Geof Bradfield, Tito Carrillo, Sam Hankins, Rob Kassinger, Art Sherrod Jr, Sasha Brusin, Victor Gonzalez Jr, Ruben Alvarez and Andrew Sole. In his recordings, Ryndak’s focus is compiling his original works. His musical influences come from Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Poncho Sanchez, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joe Sample, Horace Silver as well as the classical, R&B, and rock genres. In performance, the Ryndak Ensemble has toured the Midwest engaging audiences with a blend of world beat infused jazz and Latin rhythms. The Ryndak Ensemble is available for concerts, festivals, multi-disciplinary collaborations and residencies



The Rob Ryndak Ensemble has joined the Dow Artist Roster. To explore or book the Rob Ryndak Ensemble, please visit and talk with Shantel Dow at APAP Booth #309 in Rhinelander Hall! more info