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Takoma Park, MD

Additional Info
Year Founded
Early Music, Classical

Sarabande A Baroque Band …oboes, bassoons and more Sarah Davol, Baroque oboe Sarah Weiner, Baroque oboe & Taille Stephanie Corwin, Baroque Bassoon “So you but with a touch of the hand – Turn all to Sarabande” -Lovelace (1659) Sarabande is an ensemble inspired by the oboe bands of the 17th and 18th centuries. These bands, made up of oboes, tailles and bassoons, provided music for the theatre, dancing, and ceremonial events. They also accompanied military regiments as they marched to battle. The members of Sarabande play on replicas of historic instruments and their unique sound evokes the ceremony and pageantry of the eighteenth-century court along with the beauty, embellishment, and order of the Baroque era.