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Sirius Quartet

Ensemble Members
Fung Chern Hwei, Violin
Gregor Huebner, Violin
Ron Lawrence, Viola
Jeremy Harman, Violoncello
Sirius String Quartet

30 Queensboro Rd.
Stony Point, NY, 10980
(212) 928-8209
Fax Number
(845) 429-3302

Additional Info
Jazz, New Music, World Music

Born and bred in the downtown scene of New York City, the Sirius Quartet blends the precision of classical music with the energy of a rock band. The four conservatory-trained musicians are also highly skilled improvisers. Whether playing acoustically or with electronic effects they push beyond the conventional sonic vocabulary associated with string instruments. From Lincoln Center and the Köln Triennale to the Knitting Factory and CBGB’s the Sirius makes itself at home in a wide range of venues and musical styles. Through their interest in popular musical genres, the Sirius has developed an exclusive string quartet repertoire of their own.