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Sylvan Winds

The Sylvan Winds have been awarded a CMA Residency Partnership Grant in the Washington Heights community of New York City. A vital, yet underserved part of the city's population, we will be working with children and their families, as well as seniors to bring engaging, collaborative, and meaningful music experiences in March 2018.

August 31 2017, New Yor-Uba recorded the CMA-commissioned work, "Oru de Oro". A 45-minute suite reflecting the super-evolving concept of the ensemble and the music, this will be the majority of a new CD, to be completed in October and released in 2018. Am forever grateful to CMA for supporting our evolution. Invaluable.

The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra opens its 45th season at the Silver Center Plymouth NH</


We enjoyed a very open, curious, + experimental workshop with Evis Sammoutis earlier this Fall, where we dove immediately into multiphonics, limitations, + blending possibilities. The highlight was a trip to Home Depot, where the clarinet mouthpiece had the most success with getting sounds out of PVC pipes! 

New York Polyphony

New York Polyphony is a 2016 CMA Classical Commissioning grant recipient for a new work by Gregory Spears. We are in the final process of revisions with Greg and we are very excited for the completed copy! Here is the original image upon which this work is based:


On Oct 22, 2016 - we finished our residency at the Richmond Art Center with "How did you make that?".  Nothing like performing (with audience help!) Steve Reich's Pendulum Music.  Also music by Bach, Ruth Crawford Seeger, Ben Johnston, and Anthony Braxton.  That's an earful to then make art to!


On Oct 8, 2016 we asked the question "What's Your Story" to the students and adults at the Richmond Art Center, with cellist Kathryn Bates who was dressed in part of Rick's Halloween costume - an eagle mask.  Artwork by Hung Liu, music by Lembit Beecher, Gabriela Lena Frank, and Huang Ruo


We had a great residency at Avaloch Farm with composer Ravi Kittappa, workshopping the piece for our CMA commissioning grant. It was an incredible opportunity to be able to work so closely with Ravi for an entire week, trying new sounds, experimenting with transitions, and of course, eating delicious food! 


Sunday August 20, 2017 Garth Newel Music Center was proud to present the third of three world premieres presented this summer. Matthew Browne's Lisztomania debuted with composer Matthew Browne in the audience.

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Attacca Quartet

Attacca Quartet has been selected as a recipient of the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Grant funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation! Composer Chris Rogerson will write his third string quartet incorporating the music of Kurdistani Refugees.