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Okkyung Lee and Craig Taborn
CMA Duos: Okkyung Lee and Craig Taborn
By Peter Margasak | Summer 2018

Introducing CMA Duos, a new column pairing artists for far-ranging conversations on creative practice, inspirations, and the rewards and challenges of musical collaboration.

Off the Map
Off the Map
By Michelle Mercer | Summer 2018

How today’s composers and improvisers evoke landscapes—both familiar and imaginary—in their music.

Washington Women in Jazz Festival
Balancing Act
By Morgan Greenstreet | Spring 2018

In a year of reckoning around gender inequality, two jazz festivals continue their mission to create a dedicated showcase for female artists.

Robert Mann
Remembering Robert Mann
By Sasha Margolis | Spring 2018

The visionary violinist passed away earlier this year, having left an indelible mark on the world of chamber music.

Birdfoot Festival
Branching Out
By Kyle MacMillian | Spring 2018

The seven year old Birdfoot Festival presented a 10-day line-up and two artist residencies–a total of twenty-two concerts this past year.

Fifth House Ensemble
The Inside Story
By Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone | Spring 2018

How Fifth house Ensemble harnesses the power of narrative to reach new audiences.

Resonant Encounters
Resonant Encounters
By Michelle Mercer | Summer 2017

What is it about visual art—and the open, expansive settings in which it is often presented—that helps music audiences embrace the unfamiliar?

PRIZM Ensemble
Flipping the Script
By Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone | Spring 2017

With a thriving educational outreach program, summer camp, and international festival, PRIZM Ensemble has found a winning formula that puts community first.

Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau
Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau
By Gene Santoro | Spring 2017

A new double album by the mandolinist and pianist provides a captivating entry point into the growing canon of jazz-bluegrass fusion.

Southern Exposure
Southern Exposure
By Peter Margasak | Spring 2017

With a committed volunteer network and an inclusive programming philosophy, the Hyde Park Jazz Festival has forged a uniquely unifying musical presence on Chicago’s South Side.

music note composed of people
Out of the Ether
By Shaya Bendix Lyon | Spring 2017

Collaborative work often emerges from relationships that begin in, or primarily occupy, digital space. But what may seem like just part of the work for some poses seemingly insurmountable barriers to others. What can artists do to get their work—and their voices—heard in the vast digital arena?

The Music’s Intention
The Music’s Intention
By Gene Seymour | Winter 2017

The genre-spanning genius of Paquito D’Rivera.

Third Coast Percussion performs a new work by Glenn Kotche.
San Francisco Performances’ CreativePIVOT
By Claire Sykes | Winter 2017

A new series from the established Bay Area presenter uses data-driven insights to attract—and keep—an elusive target audience.

The Dream Unfinished-founder Eun Lee at a 2016 performance.
Demanding to Be Heard
By Siddhartha Mitter | Fall 2016

Chamber musicians join the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Fry Street Quartet
Reflecting a Planet in Peril
By Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone | Fall 2016

Through new works and innovative multidisciplinary programs, these artists are fostering creative dialogue around our threatened environment—and how we might save it.

Henry Threadgill
Henry Threadgill
By Gene Santoro | Summer 2016

The uncompromising saxophonist-flutist-composer recently became the third-ever jazz musician to win a Pulitzer Prize—but he’s far from content to rest on his laurels.

The Fry Street Quartet
Far Afield
By Michelle Mercer | Summer 2016

Three artists relocate for teaching jobs—and find new audiences where they land.

Billy Childs
Q&A: Billy Childs
By CMA | Spring 2016

Introducing CMA's new president.

Jane Ira Bloom
Jane Ira Bloom: Music in Motion
By Gene Santoro | Spring 2016

Few musicians have imbued the soprano sax with such a unique voice.

Kenneth C. Fischer
A Fischer Among Men
By Alicia Anstead | Winter 2016

Kenneth C. Fischer was honored with CMA’s Richard J. Bogomolny National Service Award for his far-ranging, far-reaching career as an innovator and champion of chamber music.

Blurring Boundaries
Blurring Boundaries
By Thomas Cabaniss | Winter 2016

The worlds of arts education and community cultural development are moving closer together, providing both challenges and opportunities for growth.

Adam Schatz
The Engagement Equation
By Adam Schatz | Fall 2015

Navigating the highs and lows of social media and online engagement.

Young 'uns
Young 'uns
By Gene Santoro | Spring 2016

Making a living in the music world can be tough. Here Gene Santoro reports how six fledgling jazz musicians are building communities and carving out careers.



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