FEET EN ELA TIERRA, HEAD EN EL CIELO online event featuring Billy Hart, Roman Diaz, Liberty Ellman, Roman Filiu -Curated by Michele Rosewoman

Friday, June 05, 2020

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2:00 PM
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Michele Rsoewoman
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AN ONLINE EVENT curated by Michele Rosewoman featuring
Liberty Ellman, Roman Diaz, Roman Filiu, Billy Hart

at www://act4music.org   Four 1/2 hour solo performances

Join us for concert release:  Friday June 5th-

Available through July 12th

Ensemble Name
FEET EN LA TIERRA, HEAD EN EL CIELO curated by Michele Rosewoman
Liberty Ellman, Billy Hart, Roman Diaz, Roman Filiu
Speakers / Participants
Liberty Ellman, Billy Hart, Roman Diaz, Roman Filiu
Liberty Ellman, Billy Hart, Roman Diaz, Roman Filiu

Act4Music is an 8 week online festival featuring home video performances, by both well established favorites and vibrant new voices on the creative music scene. The festival seeks to provide quarantined cities with great performers doing what they do best, while providing music loving audiences everywhere with a simple way to support the creative music community during this time of need.

Michele Rosewoman is one of 48 curators. Her presentation,  FEET EN LA TIERRA, HEAD EN EL CIELO, features four 1/2 hour performance each by guitarist/composer Liberty Ellman, master follklorist/percussionist/poet Roman Diaz, saxophonist/composer Roman Filiu and the legendary jazz drummer, Billy Hart.

The ACT4Music Fest model is structured to provide artist-centric compensation, both in terms of ticket sales from shows, and in the form of a series of ACT4Music-Grants, intended specifically to help artists.

They seek to provide affordable access for all, while putting as much money as possible directly into the hands of participants; the artists, curators, and organizers, whose goal will be to pull together 4 amazing shows a day, 6 days a week, for 8 weeks, for a total of 192 performances!

New York, NY