"Fluorescent Oceans" + "A Kind of Mirror"

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

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8:00 PM
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Joe's Pub
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Chromic Duo
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Chromic Duo + Miki Sawada present “Fluorescent Oceans” + “A Kind of Mirror”, a world premiere of Brendon Randall-Myers work for piano + electronics on November 23rd, 2021 at 8:00 pm at Joe’s Pub in the Public Theater.

“Fluorescent Oceans” is the culmination of a year of solitude and loss woven into glittering installations that encompass the dream life with piano, toy piano, and electronics. Woven by the sudden separation and the layered and unfurling exploration of the Asian American identity, Chromic Duo shares their story of a relationship that forks and diverges from two parts that could not be more different - and how a relationship becomes resilient through geographical, multigenerational, and multicultural differences.  

From the artists: “This is the first time that we have given ourselves permission as artists to say what we have to say. For so long, we have felt like our responsibility as artists has been to create beautiful and finished work that embodies the future we want to be in, or to embody someone else’s message. Never was it told that half of the battle of becoming an artist is to know how to wield the tools-- having the courage to speak your truth is an entirely different matter.

These pieces are our first exploration into the unknown- and are the first words we spoke while resurfacing from the pandemic. This is a story of unfathomable loss tied to home that is held together by a delicate thread between first generation families-- one that reminds us to slow down and recognize the broken beauty in all of it.”


Ensemble Name
Chromic Duo
Dorothy Chan, Lucy Yao, Miki Sawada
Chromic Duo, Hannah Selin, Maurice Ravel


Postlude by Chromic Duo, for toy piano, piano, electronics, and installation 

Dream Journal by Hannah Selin, for toy piano, piano, electronics, and audiovisuals 

Pavane by Maurice Ravel, arr. Chromic Duo, for voice, toy piano, piano, electronics, and Augmented Reality
Fluorescent Oceans by Chromic Duo, for toy piano, piano, electronics 


The Public Theatre Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette Street, New York
New York, NY