Friday, February 08, 2013

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7:00 PM
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Vivre Musicale
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As a plea for all mankind,HUMANITY looks to the strength of the human spirit and the collective resolve of its global community as a source of inspiration. Though separated by illusory divides and racial constructs, the call for humanitarian peace rings with pristine clarity and truth, thwarting the advances of prejudicial war and fear mongering at the hands of the power elite. As this social war rages between the mainstream and the subaltern we find ourselves reflecting on our similarities, the human condition, our humanity, to bridge the ephemeral gap that isolates us.

Through musical genres such as jazz, blues, afro-cuban music, and gospel that have historically communicated longings of the human heart and, coupled with the mainstream and the classical, this concert will highlight the “other,” giving voice to the voiceless, and imbuing the powerful with a soft-blue human hue.

West Palm Beach, FL