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garthnewel News


10/12/18 - Garth Newel Piano Quartet opened the GNMC Fall Foliage festival with Solstice

10/20/18 - Tap dancer Joseph Wiggan join GNPQ in a collaborative performance of Solstice 

3/2/19 - Winter Pub Series performance of Solstice by GNPQ


2/27/19 - Garth Newel Piano Quartet performs Solstice at Virginia Military Institute

4/12/19 - Garth Newel Piano Quartet performs Solstice at Michigan State University

4/13/19 - Garth Newel Piano Quartet performs Solstice at the University of Michigan


Recording of Solstice, David Biedenbender's new piano quartet written for Garth Newel Piano Quartet through the 2017 Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Grant. Garth Newel Piano Quartet recorded Solstice at Blue Griffin Records Studio with engineer Sergei Kvitko, on April 14-15. The tracks will be ready in September! 


Premiere of our new piano quartet, Solstice, by David Biedenbender, recipient of the 2017 CMA classical commissioning grant, was a rousing success! Audiences clammored to hear it again. News story leading up to the event


We received three movements of David Biedenbender's new piano quartet this week. Receiving the last movement tomorrow morning. Looks awesome! Can't wait to premiere it June 30th to kick off our summer season at Garth Newel Music Center.


David is visiting this March to research Garth Newel more, listen to our Pub Concerts, and to continue working on the piece while immersed in the peaceful surroundings. He has gotten to know our playing as an ensemble while visiting in the fall, and has interviewed us each


Because the commissioned piano quartet that David Biedenbender is writing for us is based on the 4 seasons at Garth Newel, we decided program our 2018 season around the theme of seasons, The central focus of all this will be this newly commissioned piano quartet, slated to be premiered on Saturday, June 30, 2018. 



We were thrilled to have David Biedenbender and his family participate in our Thanksgiving Holiday Concerts! David introduced the emotional back story of "Red Vesper", the work which inspired us to seek him out for the commission. David plans to return in the spring and to be in residence to work on the commission. 


David has been working on sketches, journaling about Garth Newel. He's made timelines of each movement for pacing and colors and instrumentation. Winter seems to most clear to him, string harmonics and ice cold textures