The multifaceted world of traditional and contemporary chamber music comes alive in CMA’s publications.


Chamber Music

Chamber Music, the only national magazine dedicated to chamber music and musicians, features articles and essays on ensemble music, samples of CMA-commissioned scores, and regular columns covering contemporary composers, recent CD releases, and top American ensembles. It’s a vital resource for music professionals and music lovers alike.  more_blue.png


CMA Matters

CMA Matters (currently out of print) offers information on key topics from experts in law and business, as well as from chamber music professionals. Here you can find essential articles on contract negotiation, program evaluation, donor acknowledgment and a host of other subjects, all written especially for the chamber music community.  more_blue.png



Accent, CMA’s e-newsletter, arrives weekly filled with member news and announcements of CMA events, as well as listings of jobs and other career-related opportunities.  subscribe_now.png