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Parker Quartet

Composer: Jeremy Gill

Composition: Capriccio (2012)

Instrumentation: String Quartet


Paul Dresher Ensemble

Composer: Sebastian Currier
Composition: Artifical Memory (2013)
Instrumentation: Electronic Mallet Percussion, Drum Set Percussion, Keyboards/Piano, Violin, Electric Bass, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

San Francisco, CA 2012

Philadelphia Chamber Music Society with The Catalyst Quartet and guest ensemble The Harlem Quartet

Composer: Kenji Bunch

Composition: the still, small voice (2020)

Instrumentation: Four Violins, Two Violas, Two Cellos

Philadelphia, PA 2020

Pictures On Silence

Composer: Steve Antosca
Composition: my end is my beginning (2013)
Instrumentation: Harp, Saxophone, Percussion, Piano, Computer Musician

Washington, DC 2012

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble

Composer: Pierre Jalbert
Composition: L'œil écoute (2010)
Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Piano, Percussion

Pittsburgh, PA 2008

PRISM Quartet

Composer: Julia Wolfe

Composition: Cha (2015)

Instrumentation: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, baritone saxophones

Philadelphia, PA 2013

PRISM Quartet

Composer: George Lewis

Composition: Where Her Eye Sits (2020)

Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Soprano (guest artist)

Philadelphia, PA 2019

PRISM Quartet

Composer: Bright Sheng

Composition: The Singing Gobi Desert (2011)

Instrumentation: 4 Saxophones and Chinese instruments

Philadelphia, PA 2009

Projeto Arcomusical

Composer: Elliot Cole

Composition: Roda (2017)

Instrumentation: Six berimbaus

DeKalb, IL 2016