CMA Matters

Each issue of our quarterly professional development bulletin—the only publication of its kind—focuses on a single topic to help you manage the business side of a life in music.

Winter 2012-13: The Ensemble Agreement—Why You Need One

By Zachary V. Moen

Tips for when and how to negotiate an ensemble agreement.

Spring 2012: Copyrights—and Wrongs

By Brian Taylor Goldstein, ESQ.

It's easier than ever for composers and perfomers to desseminate recorded music--and run afoul of copyright law.

Winter 2011-12: A Syllabus for the Studio

By Judith Sherman and Joe Ferla

Tips from a Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer.

Fall 2011: Maximum Exposure

By Nina Perlove
Using multiple internet platforms to build your career.

Summer 2011: Road Shows

By Myles Weinstein, Joel Harrison and Chris DiGirolamo
Arranging a tour for a jazz ensemble can be a tough task—but it isn’t impossible. We ask the pros to tell us how it's done. 

Spring 2011: The Crowd Roars

By Dianne Debicella

Traditional funding sources for music projects are less of a sure thing than ever. But online "crowdfunding" platforms may help fill the gap.